How To Install Raynen In Window 7,10,11

Raynen Installation In Pc With megaknit

Installation of Pattern Programming Software

raynen & hqpds software 
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knitting shoes
raynen software

Double-click the of software installation : Display the following figure. Click ok, the next step:
Click “Next”:

shoe process pattern integration setup wizard

Select “I accept the agreement”, click “Next”:

Select Installation path, click “Next”

According to necessary, select or unselect the “Don’t create the Start menu folder”, click “Next”:

Select the creating option for, click “Next”:

Click “Install”:

Display the installation progress


Menu Bar

The menu bar is red selected area in the following figure:



Create a new canvas. 
Machine type and parameters can be selected and viewed.

Open: Open the saved pattern file (KNI/Dat/ BMP type).

Open cloud file: Open the pattern file to safe the cloud. Open file need to login cloud.

Save: Save the current design file (KNI type) to the storage location.

Save cloud file: Save the current design file (KNI type) to cloud. Open file need to login cloud.

Save as: Save as the current design file (KNI type) to appointed path.

Import area figure: Import vamp area figure (BMP type) to the area layer.

Import BMP (I): Open other file types (BMP and Dat types) on the RaynenQili pattern design system.

Import new BMP (I): Apply to save the stitch figure and the function line separately to the two BMP files. The stitch figure BMP file is selected in the first, then the corresponding function line BMP is selected.

Export BMP: Export the current pattern file to BMP type.

Save order: Save the current file to the order, combined with order management. The file name and order number can be modified when file is saved.

Barcode Management: Detailed introduction is in toolbar barcode management chapter.
Exit: Exit system and stop using.


Select all: Select all drawing area of the current pattern.
Go to: Skip to the appointed line. Appointed line number is manually inputted on Settings interface:


Carrier direction: Not selected, not display the carriage direction whencursor has stoped on the appointed line.

Combine pattern and organization: After selected, the content ofpattern layer is dislayed in organization layer.

Merging display pattern and density layer: After selected, the contentof pattern layer is dislayed in density layer.

Full screen: Whether the system is displayed by fully screen.


Mirror view: Main drawing is divided into two mirror windows. Left and right knitted fabric is viewed at the same time.


System options


 Shortcut keys can improve the drawing efficiency. Shortcut keys are defined as follows:

F1Help file
F2Quick to the origin of the main graphic region (lower left corner: 1, 1)
F3Interchange between the pattern layer and organization layer
F4Shape design
F5Gradually decrease the current color code. No. 5 Color Code is changed into No. 4Color Code when this key is pressed once.
F6Gradually increase the current color code. No. 5 Color Code is changed into No. 6Color Code when this key is pressed once.
F8Select the current color.
F9Grid display switch
F10Amplification rate switching between 16 and 1, 16<—>1
F11Gradually decrease the amplification rate of the graphic region: -1
F12Gradually increase the amplification rate of the graphic region: +1
Arrowkeys:Control the upward, downward, leftward and rightward rolling of thecurrently selected view.
CTRL+ASelect the whole layer area.
CTRL+SSave (when “Save as” is not set, the optional path window pops up)
CTRL+CCopy the circled area of the main graphic region
CTRL+XCut the circled area of the main graphic region
CTRL+VPaste the current content in clipboard.
DeleteDelete the contents in the circled area of the current layer. If the wholerow/line isselected, delete the rows/lines of three layers.

Mirror color changing table

Set the color changing after mirrored. When horizontal, vertical, or mirroring tool is used, the color changing is according to the table.

Save plan: Save the current mirror color changing plan. Next time thesaved plan can be selected in the drop-down list.

Fix kni open way

Fix pattern file which is not opened by double-click. Mainly fix the system registry.

Update region base image

Update region initial position: Difference can be seed bycomparison initial and modified position. The “Display regioninitial position” option needs to be selected.

In default, when opening pattern, the region position is theinitial position.

After modified the region position, select “Update region base image”, the initial position will update to the modified position.

Restore the default position of the dialog box

Each dialog is restored to default initial position.

Task table

Task tabke must combine with the craft design software. Order fulfillmentcan be viewed. Craft and pattern design staffs can be designated.

Show/Hide folder preview

In the folder, whether display the preview of pattern files.

File photograph

Select file photograph in storage path, or use computer to take photograph. Use the photograph to identify corresponding KNI file. It is that the photograph is displayed on the navigation window.Ø  Take photograph: or use computer to take photograph.Ø  Custom photograph: select the saved photograph on the storage path.

Film vamp compare

This function is same as “film vamp compare” of the “Toolbar” chapter.

Package encryption and unlock

After package encryption, the package define is not visible. Need to unlock package then package define is visible and expended. 

Input the password in the inputting box.

New BMP color translation table

When new BMP file is imported, if the stitch in the pattern file has no corresponding color code in RaynenQili system (such as front and back doffing), the color translation table will be displayed. This color is replaced with user color code, then define the user color code.

When technical data transfers to the pattern design system, the exact alignment point can be set in the advance menu.


Machine type

Select the machine which knit current pattern. Only see the machineparameters, machine parameters can’t be modified. Machine parameter editingneed to be in the machine management menu.

Detail information: See the selected machine parameters. The parameters can’t edit.

Knitting parameters

Knitting parameters content are same as the parameters on the machine screen. If the knitting parameter file needs to be generated, the “export knitting parameters” option needs to be selected. This function is apply to the Raynen F4000 controller machine. Need to select this electric controller.

Setting interface is following figure:Setting interface is following figure:

upper shoe design knitting shoe


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