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Color codes and there functions Knitting CourseMega Knit is a platform that tries to teach you about Knit Design in very simple language. In this course you will learn all the tools related to knitting design. Click Here

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HOW TO DESIGN SHOE PATTERN The menu bar is red selected area in the following figure: click here to learn more ____ KnitCAD Introduction of Functional Modules| File New:Create a new canvas. Machine type and parameters can be selected and viewed.Open: Open the saved pattern file (KNI/Dat/ BMP type).Open cloud file: Open the pattern …


main Functional Modules

KnitCAD Introduction of Main Functional Modules|

Graphic Designs Select the drop-down menu, toolbar and toolbox icon, and then the pattern can be easilydesigned. Main graphic elements include the point, line, rectangle, Ellipse, diamond, polygon, etc.Main functions include color change, array copy, linear copy, multiple copy, mirror image copy, etc.Such operations as copy of circled areas, color filling, rotation, expansion, deletion, cutting …

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How To Export .CDR in .BMP

.Click File Export. 2 .Locate the folder in which you want Export to the file. 3 .Choose BMP – Windows bitmap from the Save as type list box.Click Export. I 6 .In the Convert to bitmap dialog box,…

How To Design Curves In Corel Draw

Curves in CorelDRAW can be as simple as a single straight line, or complex open or closed shapes comprised of curved or straight segments. In this tutorial, we’ll look at what defines a curve, the various curve drawing tools, and working with the nodes that comprise curves.

Raynen Installation In Pc With megaknit

How To Install Raynen In Window 7,10,11

HOW TO DOWNLOAD RAYNEN SOFTWARE Installation of Pattern Programming Software RAYNEN The menu bar How you can learn KNITTING DESIGN by learning RAYNEN and HQPDS,

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