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vikas vishwakarma

Hi , 

I’m vikas vishwakarma from megaknit .com . i’m a knitting designer and corel draw graphics expert .

I work as a senior designer, I am in this industry for last 6 years,
, I learned designing from Delhi itself, and took training from Ludhiana of Punjab,

Why did the idea of ​​launching this course come to my mind?

Well, I saw that there are many people who want to come in this industry and want to make their career but they don’t have any good knowledge, infect some people don’t even know that how they can learn knitting designing .
For many years people kept asking me and I told them how they can do this work but they didn’t have proper guidance, so thats a reason they could not do it.

My friends and acquaintances told me that I should teach them designing, then this thought came to my mind .

Why Choose US

Mega Knit is India’s first knitting designing course, which we are providing you online.
Mega Knit is a platform that tries to teach you about Knit Design in very simple language.

We are the first company in this knitting industry to bring Designs online.


We have all kinds of designs

We sell the latest designs of the industry.

You can also use our service, we provide service all over India.


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